Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday 5

Friday 5 for June 20: Too Much for My Taste

  1. What’s too spicy for your tastes? There is not too much that is too spicy. I love spicy foods!
  2. What’s too sweet for your tastes? Juicy Fruit gum, it hurts my teeth it's so sweet.
  3. What’s too salty for your tastes? I am not much for salt so there are a lot of foods that are too salty.
  4. What’s too bitter for your tastes? real coffee. I drink General Food International French Vanilla coffee and we call it "girly" coffee. I never drink real coffee.
  5. What’s too sour for your tastes? Grapefruit, I have to put sugar on it to eat it.

1 comment:

Shannon H. said...

I don't like spicy foods and I have found out that I am missing out on a lot of good stuff because of that :(

I put sugar on my grapefruit also! Yummy!