Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Scrappin'

It seems like forever since I participated in my own blog meme Sunday Scrappin'. With moving and all that is involved with that and school, I just haven't taken any time to craft. But, this week is different. I am almost done with school for this semester and I finished a digi layout based on the September challenge at A Snapshot of My Life. Better late than never, right?
I am also working on Holidays in Hand from Jessica Sprague. It is a bit like the December Daily albums but I am doing mine all digital. Each day in December you stop and reflect on how you spend your day. I have made a list of things I want to do, things I want to make, a couple of movies I want to stop and enjoy and even a book I want to read, all of these during the holiday season. I am on the hunt to find my supplies for my Christmas cards. This is a card idea I found years ago but each year when I go to find my supplies I can't find them all. Possibly everything will come together this year!

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Friday, November 20, 2009

Holidays in Hand

I am taking the Holidays in Hand class at Jessica Sprague. One of the things we are to do is make a list of things we want to do or make during the holiday season. Now, usually I have a huge long list of things to do and make in my head and very little gets done. I get caught up in the business of the season and don't really plan what I want to get done. So, here is my shortened list of things to do and make during the 2009 holiday season:

Make cookies - Aggression cookies (oatmeal, chocolate chip) and Seven Layer Cookie.
Make ornaments as gifts - Photo Ornaments and the ornaments you make out of old Christmas cards.
Make my holiday cards - I do this every year and said I wasn't going to this year but found my box of stuff to make them so we'll see.
Redo my wreath - I am going blue and silver in my decorating this year so I would like to decorate my wreath in those colors.
Make a star book.
Take a drive one night and look at Christmas lights.
Watch a Christmas movie.
Attend Christmas eve services.
Play Christmas music.
Have a fondue night.
Give a toy to charity.
Have my tree up and decorated by December 1st so I can enjoy it.

I want to embrace the holiday season and enjoy planning and doing things with my family. Stopping to smell the roses if you will.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

School, Boxes and Holidays in Hand

I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with all that I have on my plate these days but last night I completed my last homework assignment for Accounting. I only have two more classes, one is a test review and the other is the test. I need to do really well on the test since I bombed the last test. The professor drops one test grade.

I also finished my Interdisciplinary Science on line class final last night. This was an awesome class and I plan to take part 2 in the Spring.

Now I need to finish up my on line homework, quizzes and test for Statistics. I have all the book homework done. We also have a group project to finish but will work in class next week.

I have taken a break from boxes for the past couple of days. I will probably get a load tonight after work. Need to get this done so I don't have to pay another month's storage fee.

I am taking a class over at Jessica Sprague that is called Holidays in Hand. It is really about enjoying the holiday season, stopping and enjoying the activities, events and people around you. I am excited about the class.

Assignments 1 and 2

Write your values and goals:

I would like to slow down and really enjoy the holiday activities and not feel overwhelmed. I want to enjoy the decorations, the get togethers, and each other.

Commit: We are to spend 20 minutes a day documenting the holiday season, either by writing, photos, or enjoying. I love this. I haven't done any crafting in two months and I need my fix.

Organize: Being the list maker that I am, getting organized is not the problem, staying organized and on task is.

I have printed my prompt pages and am working on my Holiday Things to Do List.

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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Kitchen Mini Remodel in Progress

We are eventually going to replace the cabinets in the kitchen but for now we are using my favorite redecorating tool - paint - to freshen things up a bit. Here are a couple of before photos. The kitchen cabinets are painted brown, the walls have peel and stick linoleum tiles and a few real tiles hot glued on to them. The one row of installed tile is painted the same brown as the cabinets.
First I took down all the glue on tiles and the peel and stick tiles and look what I found underneath - orange! Lovely! I also started peeling off the paint on the backsplash tile.
And here is another view of the kitchen with a dark red wall. Not my style.
And now, after this weekend is the remodel in progress. Dave has painted the walls the same, buttery yellow that the living and dining room are painted. I got all the paint peeled off the tile and painted it a bright cobalt blue.
And cabinets have been installed on the long wall as well as a fresh coat of paint.
We have also replaced the blinds in the living room and kitchen to clean, crisp white blinds. I think the kitchen look awesome - bigger and more open. Dave took off five of the doors to the cabinets and started painting them white. I can't wait to see how it all looks when in it done. I will be sure and post pictures when it is complete.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Making Headway

I feel like I am making headway in the saga of the boxes. I am planning to spend the weekend straightening up everything that I have unpacked and getting the house to look neat and tidy. Then Monday or Tuesday I will get back to unpacking.

I am also making headway in my college classes. For Accounting, I have three more classes, one more homework assignment and a test. In Interdisciplinary Science (my online class) I have one more assignment and the final test. And in Statistics I have three classes left. I still have lots of homework - three chapters worth, a group project that we will work on next week in class, and the final exam. All my classes are done December 10th and I don't start my new classes until January 7th so I have a whole month to do something fun. My boxes should be unpacked so I should have some free time! Yeah!

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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Cha Cha Changes!

It's funny how life works out. Sunday I was totally planning on opening a small thrift shop at the local flea market. Once we went out there and started talking to people and saw how many empty booths there were and how slow things are out there, we changed our mind. But, a very dear friend has made me an offer I can't refuse and I will still be emptying my storage unit and getting rid of all my junk! I have the best friends ever!

I have a free month's rent this month at my storage unit. So, my major goal right now is to get through the rest of the boxes in the storage unit and get it emptied by December 12th so I don't have to pay another month's rent. Lots of work ahead and all before Christmas! As well as completing my three college courses. I have tons of homework to do for Statistics but am caught up in both Accounting and Science. But the end is near and I am ready for a break!

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Bad, Bad Blogger

I cannot believe it has been almost a month since I have posted here. I have been busy unpacking boxes and doing all those little things that need doing in a new house. Everything is coming along nicely but there is lots more to do.

I am starting a new business venture. Since I have SO much stuff that won't fit in my new place plus all the stuff of my mom's that I had on eBay, I have decided to rent a spot out at the local flea market and try to get rid of the stuff. It is open Friday, Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m.-4 p.m. which means I am giving up one of my free days but if I can make some money and get rid of stuff I am all for it. I am hoping to either be able to do homework or list on eBay while we are slow (and hoping I won't have any time for that). My new place will be called Once in a Blue Moon Thrift Shop and I have created the coolest business card which I will share later today. I have changed my eBay store to reflect my business name and also created an Etsy account.

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