Friday, June 27, 2008

Another Digital Layout

This layout is from the Now We're Rocking class at Jessica Sprague. These classes are awesome. Jessica is a great teacher and she has great tips and tricks for Photoshop. I am really enjoying the classes but I am not sure how much digital scrapbooking I will do after the classes are over. Although I am enjoying the process I don't see myself doing this without the benefit of the class. I love the process of regular scrapbooking, picking out paper, matching cardstock, picking out embellishments, etc. Cutting paper and photos, journaling by hand, the whole creative process. You don't get that with digital scrapbooking. And when you are done you have a flat piece of paper vs a wonderfully textured scrapbook layout. Plus, it takes me hours to do one digital layout vs 30 minutes or so to do a regular scrapbook page. So, I will continue to enjoy the class and also paper scrapbooking.

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