Sunday, August 12, 2012

28 Days of Sketches

So, I have fallen a bit behind on my class I am taking over at Big Picture Classes BUT the way I look at it, some layouts done are better than no layouts done.  This first layout is from sketch 15 and I am not loving this one at all, but it's done.
The sketch on the diagonal is sketch 18.  The sketch with the title is from Valerie Salmon.
Sweetie is sketch 17
Mr. Multitasker is sketch 19.
Sketch number 20 is complete but since it is dark out I can't take a photo of it.

We had a busy weekend - getting ready for the big birthday bash and then the actual bash.  Mom, Dad, Diane, Jordan, Nicole, Brandon, Sam, Brent, Bailey and Bella were here.  We were celebrating three birthdays - Brandon's was June 27th, Bailey's was July 31st, and Mom's was August 4th.  I made Korean Beef and roasted zucchini and carrots.  I made two different desserts -  one was a Banana Coconut Upside Cake and the other was a Cream Puff Cake.  All the recipes were ones I got off Pinterest.  I think everyone enjoyed themselves.  Bailey stayed with Nana and got to play with some of her new toys.

I am off to have a piece of Cream Puff Cake and head to bed.  Back to work tomorrow - yuck!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Monthly Roundup July 2012

Roundup – July 2012
  1. What books and/or magazines did I read this month?
Dead Ringer – Lisa Scottoline
Killer Smile – Lisa Scottoline
A Sweethaven Summer – Courtney Walsh
Finding Veronica – Louise Forster
Save Me – Lisa Scottoline
Marriage Rules – Harriet Lerner
Introvert Power – Laurie Helgoe
Come Home – Lisa Scottoline
Look Again – Lisa Scottoline
Quiet – Susan Cain (still reading)
People July 2, 2012
Creating Keepsakes September 2010
All You July 27, 2012

  1. What movies, television shows, plays, etc. did I watch this month?
One Day
Weeds Season 7 Episodes 3-13; Season 8 Episodes 1-3
Criminal Minds Season 3 Episodes 13-20; Season 4 Episodes 1-8
The Yellow Handkerchief
Salmon Fishing in the Yemen
Reality of Love
21 Jump Street
Drop Dead Diva Season 1 Episodes 1-13
How I Met Your Mother Season 1 Episodes 1-22

  1. What fun things did I do with my family and/or friends?
I spent a week watching Bella and Bailey came over as well.

  1. What gifts did I give and/or receive?
Bailey’s birthday was July 31st but we are celebrating in August.
  1. What special or unusual purchases did I make?
Bought two new pairs of shoes at Beall’s, a couple of dresses at Beall’s Outlet and went Goodwill shopping a couple of time.
I purchase another class from Big Picture Classes called 28 Days of Sketch Round 2.  Each day I receive an email along with a sketch and it has been very inspiring.
  1. What illnesses or health concerns did I have?
Nothing of any great concern.
  1. What were my accomplishments this month?
Got most of the guest/craft room organized and I have been scrapbooking a lot.
  1. What were my disappointments this month?
Eric quit at work and I am really going to miss him.  I have been asked to take over some of his duties and work full time.
  1. How did I do on my goals for the month? (Or any current short or long term goals)
I did really well on my scrapbooking goals – I completed 24 scrapbook layouts.
  1. Anything else noteworthy to include?
Brent went on a cruise with his dad and had a great time.



This week was my first week of full-time at work.  Eric was still there but we had lots to go over and I have plenty of work to keep me busy a full 40 hours a week.  It will be great to get the bigger paycheck.

Even though I have been working more hours I still got some scrapbooking done this week.

I have been watch Lain Ehman's 31 Days videos and one day she talking about using up scraps and showed a layout with punched circles on it.  This layout was inspired by her layout and video,
I am still going strong on the 28 Days of Sketches Round 2 over at Big Picture Classes.  Here is my layout for Sketch 11
Sketch 12
Sketch 14
Sketch 15
Sketch 16
I have signed up for two more classes at Big Pictures Classes.  I actually won a spot in the 28 Days of Sketches class but had already enrolled so they gave me a gift certificate.  I enrolled in Multi Photo Solutions and Kit-astic.  I really enjoy being pushed to create and taking a class pushes me.

I have been bookmarking many scrapbook sketches and ideas for inspiration.  I have so many pages saved and I have been feeling very inspired and crafty lately.  I love it when I am wanting to scrapbook.

Have a great Sunday and I will be back later with some pictures of my favorite five year old.  Photobucket