Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday Scrappin'

Sunday Scrappin'
April 26, 2009

I only got three pages done this week. The first is layout three from Digi in Deep with Jessica Sprague.

The second two are from a free template on Debbie Hodges birthday party. All I did was put the layout together from the template.

I did some more posting on My 365 project. I am pretty much caught up with the photos, I just need to do the scrapbook pages.

This coming week I plan to finish the scrapbook layouts for My 365 project and possibly work on my craft room organizing.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday Scrappin'

Here is my Sunday Scrappin' post for April 19, 2009. I didn't get a whole lot done this week. I have had Bailey most of the week and play time with the Boo Bear always ranks higher than scrapbooking.

I did get two digi scrapbook pages done this week.

I got nothing done on my to-do list from last week.

I also didn't get the challenge done from last week which was creating something with a religious theme. There is no challenge for this week.

Encyclopedia of Me

So this morning I was randomly surfing the web and I happened across a couple of blogs that are doing an Encyclopedia of Me. It's a series of 26 posts each dedicated to a letter of the alphabet. I thought this would be a great way to add pages to my Book of Me scrapbook and sounded like a good bit of fun. Many of the blogs included pictures either from the internet or of their own. I am going to do a bit of thinking on this, I don't know if I want to go in order or just do it haphazardly.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

History Repeats Itself

This first picture is from Nicole's first birthday on April 11th, 1989. Since her birthday was so close to Easter I made her a bunny cake.

This second picture is from our Easter Sunday/Nicole's birthday dinner. My mom made a bunny cake for Nicole's birthday cake. I thought it interesting that we would have the same idea 20 years apart.
And Bailey and her Momma look so much alike! I was looking at pictures of Nicole as a toddler and they have the same facial features and wispy curly hair. The bunny cake sure brought back memories of Nicole as a baby.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Let me tell you a story.

Now I wish this story wasn't true but it is my life. You know how you get that feeling something is not quite right? Well, I was getting that feeling big time...but I digress, I will start at the beginning. At least the beginning of this past week. A week ago Saturday Brent wanted to go to his Dad's house. I was taking a nap and told him I would take him when I woke up. While I was napping his Dad called him and told him he had to leave at 12:45 since he was to be at Home Depot at 1 p.m. Brent's dad is on monitored house arrest and has to follow his schedule to the letter. Anywhoo, when I get up, Brent is gone! He has gone with his Dad without my permission. So, this started the week of eventful happenings.

Fast Forward to Tuesday. Nicole has started a new job and they are having a friends and family day so Brandon and I are meeting her there. She calls me from her Dad's house and tells me Brent is by himself and should she bring him with her? I ask her why Brent is by himself and Nicole tells me her Dad had gone to Ocala to see his Mom who is in the hospital. First weird feeling - why is Brent home alone and his Dad in Ocala? (There is a live in girlfriend that is there in the evenings). And how did Dad get permission to leave the county when he is on monitored house arrest?Just a weird feeling going on all around here.

Another fast forward to Friday. Brent calls me to get a recipe for Special Potatoes. He calls me throughout the process of boiling the potatoes, grating the potatoes, mixing the ingredients and baking the potatoes. I ask him what is his Dad going to say about him making the potatoes. Now I know his Dad is not there but I get the "Dad's not going to mind" statement. Again, the weird feeling.

Saturday I decide to do some digging and make a few phone calls. Find out my ex is back in jail. For violation of probation. And he got arrested Monday afternoon! And nobody had the common decency or courtesy to call me and tell me and have me pick up my son. He was with his Dad's girlfriend all week, home alone during the day while I am home and we could have spent the week together. So, I call the girlfriend and let her know that I will be coming over to get my son since his dad is in jail.

Now, after I get Brent home I find out that his f***ing idiot dad took Brent with him to probation and my 13 year old son got to watch his dad being arrested, put in handcuffs and loaded into the back of a police car. Why would anyone want to subject their child to something like that? And his dad had a pretty good idea he was getting arrested and still took Brent with him. Then he had to call a friend to bring Brent back to his Dad's house and no one thought it important to call me. OMG! I am banging my head up against a brick wall!!!!!

Anyway now I am dealing with the fallout once again from Brent's dad's poor decision making. Fortunately he has an appointment with his counselor tomorrow morning.

Sunday Scrappin'

Sunday Scrappin' Easter Sunday style! I am in the midst of preparing an Easter dinner that we will have at 4 this afternoon. My Mom, Dad, sister and one niece are coming over. Nicole turned 21 yesterday so we are also celebrating her birthday.

My three digi pages are from my Digi in Deep self-paced class from Jessica Sprague. I have learned so much from her classes.

Last week there was no Sunday Scrappin' due to illness but I participated anyway. You can see my SS post from last week here.

This week I want to continue to work in my craft room. I also need to get My 365 caught up again. It is so easy to fall behind on that. I want to continue working on my Digi in Deep class as well.

The challenge for this coming week is religious. With Easter today the challenge shouldn't be too hard.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Digi in Deep Class

Here are the first two layouts from the Digi in Deep class from Jessica Sprague. I can't recommend her more highly if you are interested in learning to digi scrap. I have learned so much from her classes. This Digi in Deep class is a self paced class and I am about half done with it. I also signed up for another self paced class called Extraction Secrets Mega-Lessons. I really need to spend some time working on getting the house cleaned for Sunday so I may not be doing anymore scrapping this week.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Why I Enjoy Being At Home

I have been able to spend the past three days with my darling granddaughter Bailey. This wasn't planned it just worked out this way. And I may have her again tonight. She is such a doll. She loves to crawl up in my lap and put her head on my shoulder and just sit, not for too long but it is precious just the same. She also keeps me busy with getting into EVERYTHING!!!!! But I am enjoying my time with her.

I have started Jessica Sprague's Digi in Deep class. What an awesome class. I always learn so much from her classes. I signed up to do another of her classes but I don't remember the name. I will share my first layout from the Digi in Deep class later this week. She also has a mini album for quotes that I am excited about. I have pages and pages of quotes and it will be nice to have them in one place.

I have been working on my eBay stuff this week. Last week I had a glitch and only 11 of my 60+ items listed Sunday night. I guess you can't use money orders for eBay anymore and any of my listings that mentioned money orders were not listed. So, I will have many, many items going on this weekend.

I am having everyone over for Easter on Sunday. It is the first time since Christmas that everyone has been at the house. I am going to decorate the table tomorrow and have that done. I also want to do a little gift item but am having trouble finding the quart size canning jars I need. Wally World didn't have them and the one Publix Dave tried only had pints. He is going to check tonight at another Publix.

Well, I am off to feed Bailey Boo.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Sunday Scrappin'

It seems I say it every week how fast time is flying by. It is time for Sunday Scrappin' again on April 5, 2009.

My ta-da's this week include a number of digital layouts. I have also been working on organizing my craft room. I purchased a scraprack that you can see here. I liken it to a huge Paper Sticker Binder that stays at home. I think this is going to do the trick. I will have all my stuff in one place and won't have to hunt through boxes, totes, and other containers looking for stuff. I will post a pictures once I get it all full.

First four layouts are of My 365 Project. I am caught up through March and have the photos taken of April just not put on my blog.

Next two photos are from A Snapshot of My Life challenge.

Two more layouts from My 365 Project.

This layout is Layout 13 from 365 Days.
And last but not least a layout I did from Digital Scrapbooking February/March 2009 issue. Pattie Knox (who is a great digital teacher at Get it Scrapped) did an article on pixels to pencils. I had taken a class with her before and the template I used is one that was provided in the class. I thought it was a neat way to transform a picture.
My to do this week include:
  1. continue organizing my scraprack and craft room.
  2. Work on layouts!
  3. Post April pictures on My 365 blog and make weekly layout.
Unless you consider a digital layout a single layer I did not participate in the challenge for the week.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Ok, I probably shouldn't have spent the money but this is what I got in the mail today. You can learn more about the Scraprack here. When I very first started scrapbooking I used a Crop in Style Paper Sticker Binder. It was awesome except for the fact I outgrew it very quickly. This is the expandable home version of the PSB. I have cleared off my cabinet where this is going to live and I have a ton of work ahead of me. I found this on Craig's List and was able to purchase this used unit for far less than a new unit cost.
The gal I got it from was awesome, she sent me pictures and mailed the scraprack quickly. She even left some scrapbook goodies in it. I am so excited about getting my stuff moved into it!