Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday, Monday

I do not like Mondays - I work all weekend and feel like I get nothing accomplished.  That might be because I have a four year old here all weekend?

So, another project on my huge long to do list is to move my scrapbook pages and albums into the new albums I purchased.

I decided on the American Crafts 12''x12'' Cloth D-Ring in black. I have ordered 15 of them already and have one filled.  I hate the way my albums look on the bookcase.  I have some Creative Memories strap hinge albums in an ugly green, I have all colors of Dalee, Close to My Heart and other post bound albums - many with the spine coming off since I put so many pages in my albums.  And then I have hundreds of completed pages that have no album home.  So, I purchased these new albums and plan to change over each of my albums and get the bookcase looking streamlined.

I am making round tags to label my albums and have come up with this design.
I am going to make each year a different color and mount them on metal rimmed tags and attach them to the spine of the albums with foam tape.  I haven't decided what I am going to put in the square frame on the front of the albums.  I have a huge job ahead of me but I am so looking forward to it.

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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year, New Outlook

So, it's been like forever since I have blogged. I guess I got caught up in Facebook, Pinterest and life in general. But I am back with a renew sense of what I want to accomplish.

I am going to participate in Project Life this year. I am going to make it my own and do it my way. And I am excited about doing that. I plan to share my pages as they are completed. And if you are interested, my daily pictures will be posted here.

My life has taken a major detour once again. Dave (the BF not the ex) called way back in October - just to catch me up on what was going on in his life. He had opened a thrift store in Naples and I took Bailey there and it was like the last 18 months hadn't passed by. I also realized that I couldn't marry Bill when I had such strong feelings about someone (really anyone) else. Dave and I met for coffee a couple of times, had dinner and I couldn't live with the guilt. (I really don't know how people have affairs - I don't have energy enough for it) I came home and told Bill - he knew about the phone call - and as hurt as he was, he had seen it coming. So, no wedding, no beach honeymoon, no happily ever after. BUT, Dave and I are back together - things are going really well - and I am happy. The heart knows what the heart wants.

My word for this year is SIMPLIFY.

And my New Year's resolutions
  • Attend church more often
  • Get into God's word more
  • Appreciate the little things in life

Happy New Year everyone!

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