Friday, June 6, 2008

Friday 5

Friday 5 for June 6: Annoyances

  1. What’s something people do in public that really annoys you, even though it’s probably not a big deal? Stopping and talking to a friend in the aisle at the store and blocking traffic.
  2. How readily do you ask strangers to stop their annoying behavior? I would never say anything to a stranger, except maybe for smoking.
  3. What’s something you do in public that probably annoys others? I am sure there are plenty of things I am not aware of.
  4. What’s your theory about why it’s so easy to get annoyed when one is behind the wheel of a vehicle? Driving is stressful so it is easy to get more stressed.
  5. What regular, minor annoyance have you learned to tolerate? With Dave's job and him needing to be available 24/7 I am learning to tolerate his Nextel. But it's not easy!

Thanks for playing, and may your weekend be completely annoyance-free!

1 comment:

Jennifer said...

Gotta love those aisle blockers. That's a major annoyance of mine, too. Great Friday 5! Hope you are having a great weekend!