Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Six

1. What was the last organization you gave a monetary donation to? UMCOR and Humane Society
2. What was the last charitable thing you volunteered to do? I can't think of anything recently. I have worked with Girl Scouts and Cub Scouts for years when my kids were younger but I am not active in anything right now.
3. Someone you know comes to you in a bad situation and asks to borrow $10. Do you give them the money even if you think they might not give it back? For $10 I would give it without thinking about it.
4. Take the quiz: How Charitable Are You?
Occasional Donor. You give when you feel it is necessary or when you are overtaken by compassion, but your sense of charity is not an overarching force in your life. Maybe you need some ideas for how you can give more often or with more meaning.
5. Do you agree with the quiz’s results? Right on target.
6. Should the United States do more to help its own citizens before helping people in other countries? Absolutely!

Smart Habit Saturday

SMART Habit Saturday May 31, 2008
Ok, my post for last week was to get to feeling better. Well, things in my life have not changed and I am not feeling better. So, instead of waiting for some miracle to happen I am just going to bite the bullet and get back into my day to day habits that were keeping my house tidy and decent meals on the table. I am going to get my box of cards out and start doing something. My house is a mess and I don't like it!

I am also going to enjoy having my boys at home for the summer. Due to unforseen circumstances I have had the boys full time for about three weeks and will have them full time for at least another two weeks. Instead of complaining about a situation I have no control over I am going to embrace the time with my boys.

Saturday 9

Satuurday 9: Another High School Meme May 31, 2008
1. Can you sing the fight song? I suppose I could if I could remember it!
2. Who was your favorite teacher? Mrs McKenna. She was the senior class advisor and my sociology and psychology.
3. What was your school mascot? Trojan
4. Did you go to the Prom? Both Junior and Senior years
5. If you could go back, would you? Hell, no!
6. What do you remember most about graduation? Let me preface this by saying I was a good kid and never got in trouble at school. We were told and told and told again that if we came to graduation under the influence we would not walk. Well, my best friend and I decided to find out how much they were watching but I guess we were not a big threat so they never checked us and we were drunk on some Boone's wine and walked! Thinking back now what a stupid thing to do!
7. Where were you on Senior Skip Day? At school, my parents were not into things like that!
8. Did you have a job your senior year? At the Dairy Queen.
9. Where did you go most often for lunch? to the cafeteria, we were not allowed to leave campus.

Saturday Social

Saturday Social #12 May 31, 2008

Today's Saturday Social Question:

What is the first thing you would do if you won the lottery? The very first thing I would do is hire an attorney to make an airtight settlement to Dave's lovely ex-wife on her alimony. Second thing, pay off my house and car.

Saturday Special

The Saturday Special May 31, 2008

~Designer's Choice~
1. My home would be in the style of? Does comfortable count as a style?
2. My kind of furniture style is? Classic
3. My floors would be covered with? Wood laminate downstairs, carpet in bedrooms, tile in bathrooms.
4. My landscaping would look like? Whatever the lawn maintenance people decide.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday 5

  1. What piece of information do you keep forgetting? I always forget something at the grocery store if I don't write a list.
  2. What regular event in your life do you keep forgetting? I can't think of a regular event that I forgot.
  3. How are you with remembering the names of people you meet? Since I don't meet that many new people I don't really have too much trouble remembering names.
  4. What kinds of tricks to you have for remembering to do stuff that falls outside your regular routine? The only way I can remember things is to write a list.
  5. If you keep a daily planner, what is it like? If you don’t, why not? I have a normal daily planner and it has a picture of my granddaughter Bailey on front of it. I also put a lot of things in my Treo 650 phone.

Friday Fill-Ins

Friday Fill-Ins #74 May 30, 2008
1. For me doing nothing is the opposite of creativity.
2. Where Are You Now? by Mary Higgins Clark was the last excellent book I read.
3. I like fill-ins because they are loads of fun!
4. In nature I like looking at anything beautiful, which is most everything in nature.
5. No one that is running should win the US elections.
6. The last time I laughed with all my belly was last weekend when Buddy was playing with Bailey and she was laughing out loud.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to going shopping with the boys, tomorrow my plans include waiting for the a/c guy to come and install a vent and Sunday, I want to spend time with Bailey!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Thursday Threesome

Thursday Threesome 05/29/08
"Don't Blink":
::Life Goes Faster Than You Think::
Onesome: Life Goes Faster-- than you want it to sometimes. Is anything moving just a little too fast for you lately. When I was a kid I thought my parents and other adults that told me that time goes faster the older you get were crazy. They were right. Time moves like a speeding bullet and I can't image when I am 60 or 70 how fast time will go by. It amazes me that I have two grown children and my granddaughter is 10 months old already. Seems she was just born last week.
Twosome: (Faster) Than You-- can pull a search? ...anyone know where the subject and title for this week's T-3 came from off the top of their head? No? It's worth a quick search... Kenny Chesney's song "Don't Blink"? That song really makes you think.
Threesome: Think-- ing about Summer? Time at the beach? Vacation plans? ...or not: has the fuel price thing put a hold on some plans? ...or are you thinking of alternate forms of travel for Summer fun? The fuel prices as well as me being out of job since November will probably keep us at home this summer. We may take a long weekend somewhere but nothing splashy. I wish we could go somewhere cooler, like the mountains.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Curves Update

I have been going to Curves for a month now. I knew I hadn't lost any weight. It has been a stressful month and I have been eating too much! So in a month of working out I worked out 20 days, gained 1.25 pounds, lost a total of 2.5 inches and my body fat % went down .5. The day before I started Curves I took my blood pressure and it was 159/98. Today it was 117/101. The systolic is much improved, the diastolic has a ways to go. But, all in all I think the program is worth it.

Today I am starting to take the weight loss pills from Arbonne. I will take one about a 1/2 hour before dinner and we'll see if they help.

Tackle It Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday #105 May 27, 2008

A few months ago I got a really good deal on a storage unit not too far from our house. I got four months for the price of two. Unfortunately starting in July I will have to be paying full price for that storage unit. So, I am starting to think about how I am going to handle this. This pile of boxes is in my family room. They are the last boxes left in the house that need to be gone through. So my tackle this week is to go through these boxes and either put the things away, throw the things away or get them listed on eBay. Then I can start thinking about the 100 square feet x 8 foot tall storage unit full of stuff that I need to do something with. We were given some great lumber to make a huge storage unit on the patio and as soon as Dave gets that done I can really get to work.

TMI Tuesday

TMI Tuesday #136 May 27, 2008
1. What lines have you used to let someone down gently. I usually don't use lines, I just stop communicating with the person.
2. If I gave you $10K to waste, what would you buy. Money to waste? I guess I would have to buy something - maybe build the addition to our screen patio or new appliances for the kitchen?
3. If I gave you $10K, but you had to spend it all on someone else, what would you buy. Maybe put a down payment on a small house for my daughter and granddaughter so they don't have to live with my ex.
4. If your partner brought a *** to bed, you'd be ____________? Ok, this was WAY too personal and unappropiate for some of my readers so I am not going to answer it.
5. What sounds to you make during sex. Depends on if the kids are home.
Bonus (as in optional): Tell your worst break up story. Well, since I have only had one break up in over 24 years, my worst break up would have been my marriage. It's amazing the things that come out of people's mouths after being married for 17 years. You wonder why you ever married them in the first place. Then to find out a few years later that there was a price for your death is even more amazing.

Tina's Tuesday

Tina's Tuesday May 27, 2008

Topic: Fill In The Blanks...
If I could go on a dream vacation, it would be to someplace cooler, possibly the mountains.
My 3 favourite things to do are: spend time with my family, scrapbook, and blog.
If I could change the world, I would start with world peace and getting our troops back home.

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday May 27, 2008
10 Favorite Time Wasters

I am an expert at wasting time. I have been unemployed since November and the job market here is not good at all so I have lots of time to waste.

  1. The internet. I can spend hours on the internet. I do have an eBay business so I can't count that time at wasted. But I spend a lot of time blogging, surfing, downloading music and taking scrapbook classes.
  2. Scrapbooking. I don't know if this is really a time waster but I enjoy spending part of most every day doing something in my craft room that is related to scrapbooking.
  3. The telephone. I spend at least an hour a day on the phone. Not useful stuff just chatting. I usually always talk to my mom, my daughter and Dave. About twice a week I talk to Wendy. And I can talk to Wendy a really long time.
  4. Television. While I am doing my other time wasters I can also watch television. And at around 3:30 in the afternoon I turn the tube on and do nothing else. I sit and stare at What I Like About You and then two episodes of Reba. Then I make dinner and the tv is usually off then. Then it's either more Reba, King of Queens or Two and A Half Men. Useless, mindless, laugh out loud tv.
  5. Crafting. Again, I am not sure I am wasting my time but I spend a lot of time crafting. It may be beading, some type of needlepoint or something else that catches my fancy.
  6. Reading. I spend at least a couple of hours a day with my nose in a book. I also read right before I go to bed.
  7. Naps. Speaking of bed, since I sleep so poorly at night I almost always take a nap (sometimes two). They are not long, 20-30 minutes but if I didn't have those naps I would be miserable to live with.
  8. FreeRice. I love to play and it makes me smarter!
  9. Dreaming. I like to think about my life in 10 years. Where I will be living, what my kids will be doing. Hoping the economy gets better so I can sell my house and move where I want to live.
  10. Playing with my granddaughter. Again, I know this is not a real time waster but I love to get on the floor with Bailey and watch her learn and play.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Digi Layout #7

This is week four of my Up and Running with Photoshop class over at This is the most awesome class! I have learned so much and done some really cool layouts. I am sad that this is the final week but there are two more advanced classes that I am thinking about taking.

Moody Mondays

Moody Mondays #14 May 26, 2008
This weeks Moody Mondays is all about...Memorial Day.
Do you celebrate Memorial Day? If so, how do you celebrate? No special celebration. Just enjoy having the day off work and school. We usually have a cookout. This year we are having brats. Yum!
Do you have any special memories in regards to Memorial Day? Nothing special comes to mind.
Feel free to post any information about Memorial Day for your readers to view.

Monday's a Bitch

Monday's a Bitch May 26, 2008

Speaking in tongues...
1) What languages can you speak other than your native language? None
2) Which languages would you like to learn? Spanish would be an asset but I am not willing to spend the time learning it.
3) What is your favorite thing to say in another language? Je T’aime
4) Could you be an interpreter at the United Nations? NO!
5) When you get nervous, do you babble? When I get nervous I get quiet.

Manic Monday

Manic Monday #118 May 26, 2008
Do good things come to those who wait? Sometimes but not often.
Your best friend's spouse is being unfaithful. Would you tell your friend? If so, how? I would probably only tell him/her if they asked. They probably won't believe me anyway if I just tell them.
Which part of your body do you like the least? Would you change it through plastic surgery, if possible? My weight. And I might consider plastic surgery.

Menu Plan Monday

Menu Plan Monday May 26, 2008
Monday – Brats
Tuesday – Mexican Baked Fish
Wednesday – Cheesy Chicken Vermicelli
Cheesy Potatoes
Thursday – Creamy Cheddar Asparagus Soup
Friday – Green Enchilada Casserole

Sunday, May 25, 2008

28 Days - Day 14

The photo prompt for Day 14 of 28 Days was something yummy. One of our favorite places to go is SweeTreats. They mix all sorts of goodies in soft serve ice cream. My mom, Brent and I went to SweeTreats and had something yummy!
The project for Day 14 was to alter a frame. I purchased the frame this hot pink color so didn't cover the whole frame with paper. I stamped the flourish in the corner, stamped the words on the small pieces of paper, added some buttons, some ribbon and Mod Podged everthing down. Then I added a picture of my favorite scrapbooking subject right now - my granddaughter Bailey.

28 Days - Day 10

Day 10 of 28 Days. Picture Prompt was a place you want to go but haven't yet. So I chose a restaurant that we have been meaning to try. They serve sushi and thai food. We just need to find someone to go with us to help us order!
Day 10 of 28 Days Project was to create an entry in your journal about 50 of your favorite things. This was a fun project and I have a blast going through all my stickers and finding stuff I loved!

Sunday Scrappin'

Sunday Scrappin' #29: May 25th

I am getting a little worried since both of my on-line classes end next week and I won't have anything exciting to post!

My ta-da list this week:

  1. I am taking Jessica Sprague's Up and Running with Photoshop class and have completed three more digital layouts - one is here and two are here. The two layouts (#5 & #6) are made from templates. This is the first time I used a template and how fun are they?
  2. I am also taking a class at Big Picture Scrapbooking called 28 Days. This class is awesome if you are trying to jump start your creativity. Here is what I made on Day 9, Day 10, Day 11, Day 12, Day 13, Day 14 and Day 15. Each day we are given a photograph to take and a project to complete. It has been fun! I still have the weekend stuff to finish but will get it done the first of the week.
  3. I finished and more importantly wore my new beady creation (a necklace and bracelet). I haven't taken a picture so will post it next week.
  4. I have been working on the organization of my craft room. Still a long way to go but I may have more time this week.

My to-do list this week:

  1. Continue with my two on line classes and get caught up on them.
  2. Continue on with my scrapbook room.
The challenge this week was to make something with buttons. I only used three buttons but I think this counts:

Unconscious Mutterings

Unconscious Mutterings Week 278 May 25, 2008
  1. Referral :: Detention

  2. Indiana :: Jones

  3. Foil :: Aluminum

  4. Horizon :: Sun

  5. Event :: Graduation

  6. Sailing :: Boat

  7. Footage :: Film

  8. Sunday :: Newspaper

  9. Breathtaking :: View

  10. Dude! :: Yeah!

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Smart Habit Saturday

Smart Habit Saturday May 24, 2008

I am really not doing well with my habits this month. I have felt lousy and so in turn have been doing nothing much other than blogging, my two on-line craft classes and some eBay stuff. So this week I just want to get to feeling better. I have been exercising each weekday but I don't think my eating habits are helping my well being. So, I want to get to feeling better and I want to do something. Anything!

Saturday Six

Saturday Six May 24, 2008
1. What is the oldest thing in your refrigerator door? Probably a salad dressing, something noone in the family liked.
2. How often do you keep leftovers that end up going bad before you eat them? A couple of times a week. I have good intentions of serving the leftovers but...
3. How strictly do you follow expiration dates: do you toss things as soon as they go past the date, or have you learned how far something can really go without going bad? I look at expiration dates and if it is really outdated I just throw it out. Otherwise I check and see if it's still ok.
4. Take the quiz: What Do the Contents of Your Refrigerator Say About You?

What Your Fridge Says About You

You tend to be a very hedonistic, greedy person. You have trouble saying no to what you want.

You tend to be a fairly thrifty person. You splurge occasionally, but you're mostly a saver.

You don't tend to be a very adventurous person, but you do surprise everyone now and then. You have a bit of a wild side.

You try to be responsible, but you don't always succeed. Your heart is in the right place though.

You are likely single - and spending many nights alone at home.

5. What was the last ingredient in your fridge that you cooked something with? We just got done with a huge graduation celebration and the last ingredient I got out of the fridge would have been hamburger and bacon.
6. If you had to make a meal out of one single item in your refrigerator right now, which item would you choose? There are tons of leftover in the fridge from the party so I would make a hot roast beef sandwich.