Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday Scrappin'

I can hardly believe it is the last day of February! 1/6 of 2010 is over! Hardly seems possible. But it is Sunday and time to share my craftiness of the week at Sunday Scrappin'. I have been busy. Here is my last update on Project Life. I received my photos for a couple more weeks and will work on printing the journaling today.

I have also fallen in love with Studio J. This is Close to My Heart's new digital scrapbook program. If you love CTMH and enjoy digi-scrapping (or want to learn), this is the way to go. Quick, easy and beautiful. I have completed 10 layouts and am going to get them printed. You can see my other layouts here, here, and here.

Here are two layouts dedicated to Halloween 2007 which was Bailey's first Halloween.
You gotta love the pictures of 18 year old Brandon dressed as a hooker. Scary thing is he borrowed the wig and the shoes from his dad?
And this is a current January 2010 layout.
My to-do's this week include:
  1. Work on Project Life album
  2. Work 15 minutes per day organizing my scrapbook supplies
  3. Participate in and keep up with the Got Sketch 105 class
Last week's challenge was to use outdoor photos. I did a layout with Bailey at the park. This week's challenge is to show your favorite technique.

Have a great Sunday and happy scrappin'!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Studio J Layouts

I am on an early morning roll. I wake up sometime between 4 and 5 a.m. having to go to the bathroom and then I can't get back to sleep. Trekking across the house to the guest bathroom my have something to do with get too woke up. I lay in bed for a half hour or so wishing and hoping that I go back to sleep to no avail. So, I get up, get a cup of coffee and get on the computer. In about an hour and a half I completed these two CTMH Studio J layouts.

The first layout is pictures of the house at Summit Place when we put the house on the market in 2006.
The second layout is pictures from one of the many country music concerts Dave and I attended in the almost seven years we were together.
I only have three more layouts to complete to become active with Close to My Heart again. I am excited to see my completed pages printed.

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Studio J Layouts

The more layouts I do in Studio J, the more I love it. It is quick and easy and if you had a ton of photos to scrapbook you could race through them in Studio J.

The first layout is of Bailey at the playground at Summit Place in March 2009. It is amazing to see how much she has changed in a year.
I had three sets of photos from 2006 let to scrapbook and here is one of them. This was such a scary day. Dave had let Brandon get some driving experience in his truck and he took his eyes off the road, turned the wheel a bit and flipped the truck into the medium on the interstate. I was at work when I got the call and raced to where they were. Fortunately everyone was ok and the truck had minimal damage. We can laugh about it now - both the guys hanging upside down in the truck when it was on it's back.
I finally got back to sleep last night around 2:30 a.m. and woke back up at 7, so not a bad night sleep if you could both times I slept. Hopefully Bailey will be more cooperative about her nap today. Nicole comes to get her this afternoon so I have a couple of days break.

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Another Studio J Layout

Yesterday was not the greatest day for me. I have had a miserable cold, Bailey refused to take a nap, had to deal with the ex husband, and cleaned a good part of the house. Along with the cold I am having trouble sleeping and me with limited sleep is not a good thing.

One good thing that happened yesterday is I did another Studio J layout. This is my third layout and I am liking it more and more. Still think the printing price is a bit high but we'll see when I get my layouts printed.
Here's to being able to go back to sleep and that tomorrow is a better day

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Project Life

Here are three more weekly layouts from My Project Life album. I am so loving this album and how quick it goes together. I ordered the balance of my photos online this morning so should have more pages at the end of the week.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday Scrappin'

It time once again for Sunday Scrappin'! It's one of my favorite times of the week as I am cohost and love to see what everyone accomplished each week.

This week I got current on my Project Life album. I haven't taken pictures of my finished pages in my album but I will share next week.

I had been a Close to My Heart consultant for over five years when I went Junior. I haven't really had the time or the extra money to do anything with Close to My Heart but they have come out with a digital scrapbook program called Studio J. It is filled with all the great CTMH papers and embellishments I have grown to love over the years. And, as a Junior Consultant if I completed and print 10 layouts I will be reinstated as a full consultant. I have completed two layouts and here they are:
I think this second layout qualifies for the challenge of using pastel colors in a layout.
I have also signed up for Got Sketch 105. My desk is not completely cleared off but it will be before start of class on Monday. I am excited about doing some more paper scrapbooking. It has been TOO long!

So I did pretty good on my to-do's from last week but as always there are more:
  1. Participate in and keep up with the Got Sketch 105 class.
  2. Keep up with the Project Life photos and journaling.
  3. Work 15 minutes per day organizing my scrapbook supplies.
The challenge for next week is to use outdoor photos. I took some awesome photos today of Bailey and Brent in the pool. It was sunny and the photos turned out really good. I am hoping to use some of these photos in one of the Got Sketch 105 sketches!

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Sunday Scrappin'

So, last week I was lamenting about the lack of common sense of the photo developers at my local Walgreen's. Well, it didn't get any better - everyone had some excuse as to why my border wasn't centered on my photos but no one would take the blame. I did some searching and found an online source to print my photos and they arrived in my mailbox two days after I ordered them and voila the bordered is centered just like it is supposed to be.

I am doing the Project Life album from Becky Higgins. Last year I did my Project 365 digitally and wanted to do something different this year. I love this album. It's a big, three ring album with this great cover.
Here is my title page
Week of January 1st-7th, 2010. I, of course, am in the 10% of people who take vertical photos and a lot of them. So, my week one has one horizontal photo and six vertical photos. I still love the way this album goes together - so quick and easy!
Here is January 8th-14th, 2010. A few less vertical photos this week.
I have all my photos printed through February 10th. I am doing the journaling on Photoshop and that takes a bit of time.

I also accomplished this during the week this past week. It didn't stay that way too long but I hope to get it cleaned off again today.

So, my to-do's this week are:
  1. Print the journaling for my Project Life album (at least two-three weeks worth).
  2. Work 15 minutes each day organizing my scrapbook supplies into my Scrap Rack.
  3. Get prepared to start the Got Sketch 105 class that starts February 22nd. I am only signing up for the class if I am prepared. I don't want to waste my money otherwise.
I haven't completed any sports related layouts in awhile so I don't have anything for the challenge this week.

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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Craft Area

My craft space is an area that I have been working on since I moved into my new house. With less than 1000 square feet in the whole house and only two bedrooms I had to be creative in where I would have my craft space. This is a 10' x 10' space in the family room and it works really well for me. I was so excited when I walked into the space this morning and the desk was cleared off and there were no boxes on the floor.
About a month ago we decided to take down the black drapes and bamboo blinds and put up white blinds. It makes the room much brighters.
When we moved here my old desk basically fell apart. I took the top surface and laid it on top of the white cabinets. I had to get a new, higher desk chair but it is working out fine. You can see I still have work to do in the family room part of the room, DVD's and videos in piles, pictures that need to be hung. You can also see Bailey's latest favorite - Diego. She pronounces his name "yoyeah".
Here is my cube wall fill with some of my supplies. I just got the three drawer organizers and put them under my scraprack. Getting the scraprack filled and organized is my next craft organizing project to do. I still have about five or six tomato boxes fill with scrapbook supplies that aren't in my cube wall.
The space to the right of the colorful drawers is our front door. Before you could hardly get into the house. Since I started using this door I had to clear out a path into the house. We also took out the carpet in this room and will be installing a laminate wood floor.

I hope you enjoyed my before and after photos of my craft area. I am so excited about how neat and tidy the room is I may even scrapbook!

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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Scrappin'

Ok, so I don't really have anything to share for Sunday Scrappin' but I tried, really I did. So, I broke down and purchased Project Life. I was going to do it digitally but decided I was tired of doing daily photos digitally so got the paper version. It is a great album and there are all sorts of fun stuff included.
So, I decided I would do this fun little dot pattern around each day's photos along with the day and date. Went and had them printed at Walgreen's and I guess it was a dingbats day to work in the photo center. When I picked up my prints the dates were running off the sides and the dots weren't even. Now, I can print them at home ok so it has got to be the person at Walgreen's. So, now I have to go and complain and see if I can get someone who knows what they are doing to print off my pictures.

So, there are about three photos out of four weeks worth of photos that I can use and there are no full pages done. But, I thought about scrapbooking and I actually made an attempt. Hopefully I'll have been luck next week.

I am thinking about doing Got Sketch 105. I have done each of the other sketch classes and loved them. Don't know if I really have the time to do another class but I thought it might get me out of my rut.

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Long Weekend

I don't think I like the way 2010 has started - as a matter of fact I know I don't! Emergency gall bladder surgery for me, the demise of my relationship with Dave and then my Mom having two cysts and one lumps in her breasts. Not a fun way to start a year.

So, with all that is going on I went to visit my Mom and Dad this past weekend. My Aunt Ruth was visiting from Ohio so I got to visit with her as well. Here is Aunt Ruth reading a book with Bailey.
My Dad took my Aunt to the airport Monday afternoon and Bailey and I took my Mom to her appointment with the breast surgeon. He aspirated one cyst, took a biopsy of the lump and she is to go back Wednesday morning at 10 IF they have the results back. Otherwise she'll know Friday. He will aspirate the other cyst then. Please keep my Mom in your thoughts and prayers as she is pretty much a basket case right now (not that I am much better).

Other than the above crap we had a nice weekend, we went out to dinner at Sonny's and I didn't get sick - I guess the gall bladder surgery was a success! We ate awesome food, had good conversation and it was fun to spend time with the family. We went thrift and dollar store shopping and made a trip to Wally World. My van is full and I am not looking forward to putting everything away but it was a good weekend and I am now glad I am home.

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