Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Fun

Friday Fun: Life Edition June 20, 2008

1. When you look back at your childhood dreams, has your life gone in the direction you expected? As a kid I wanted to be a psychiatrist or a teacher. Since I never finished college I didn't have a chance to be either of those things. And I didn't want any children. I did get married and have three wonderful children and I wouldn't change that!
2. What were the three most life changing events in your life? How did they shape who you are? The birth of my children, my divorce and meeting Dave. The birth of my kids brought out the good in me, the giving, caring, nuturing part of me. My divorce gave me my strength, to face the unknown and come out standing. And meeting Dave showed me what a good relationship is. We have been together five years next month and we love each other more than we did when we met. We respect and genuinely care about one another.
3. Is there anything you would drastically change about your life or are you content with where your life has taken you? The only concern in my life is money, there is never enough. I would probably sell my house and move to a less expensive place to live if I were able. I would also like to get married to Dave but that can't happen right now.

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Shannon H. said...

My divorce gave me strength also and I am glad now that it happened. I met a great man 7 years ago that I would have never found if I was still with my abusive ex.