Sunday, July 6, 2008

Sunday Scrappin'

Sunday Scrappin' July 6, 2008

My ta-da's this week include:

  1. Another digital layout from the Now We're Rockin' digital scrapbook class I am taking at This is my last week for this class.
  2. I finally finished my last day of the 28 Days class that I took at BPS. I am glad to be able to say I finished this class.
  3. I also finished the Baker's Dozen class that I took at BPS. You can see my finshed layouts here and here.
My to-do's this week include:

  1. Work on my Techniques 101 class. I have two weeks worth of class materials that look really interesting. I am going to put the techniques in my Inspiration File that I made during my 28 Days class.
  2. I also want to work on my Got Sketch 101 class. Again, some great tutorials and sketches that I can put to good use.
  3. Last week (yeah!) of my digital scrapbook class. I want to wrap this up and put digital scrapbooking to bed.
  4. My mom and dad are coming today. My mom is bringing me her old sewing machine and my dad is bringing CD's with old pictures (from my childhood and older) on them. I want to get my new sewing machine set up and get the pictures downloaded onto my computer this week.

I did not get the challenge done this past week but this week's challenge is to step outside our own box. To do something we don't usually do. Hmm, might be interesting.


forgetfulone said...

Your digital page is cute, but I wouldn't want to spend hours, either. Have you looked at Smilebox? Those only take a few minutes to put together.

Everyone does scrapbook their own way, huh? Your pages turned out cute, though! Bailey's so cute. My SS is posted.

Chrissy said...

Bailey is adorable and I love you pages. I can't bring myself to do digital scrapbooking. I love the look and you did amazing work but I just can't do it. I love your work. See you next week!

Melanie said...

Im one of those people that spend hours on a layout. Lol

Your layouts look amazing, the digital layout is gorgoeus. I tried digital but I love the texture of traditional scrapbooking, the dimension that you can't get with digi scrapping.

Have a good week this week.