Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Week in Review

The Week in Review July 27, 2008
Brandon got his braces off. What a hottie! He looks SO good with his braces off and his teeth all where they belong!
Nicole had a birthday party for Bailey. She will be a year old July 31st. It hardly seems possible that this angel has been here a whole year. What joy she has brought to this family.
And she loved her cake! Does life get any better than this?

And although we have a week full of wonderful moments we have also had a week full of stressful moments. Nicole lost her job and is now job hunting. Her car got wrecked this week and is undrivable until they can get a new radiator. We have the situation with the kid's Dad that is still not resolved. And Brent had a stressful appointment with the counselor. We are hoping that this week has more wonderful moments and less stressful ones.


Shannon H. said...

Congrats to Brandon! And happy *early* birthday to Bailey. said...

I just came across your post and wanted to wish Bailey a happy birthday with a personalized birthday song from It was originally created for another Bailey (I hope you don't mind), but I think your Bailey will enjoy it just as much.

Here it is: