Friday, July 25, 2008

Friday 5

Friday 5 for July 25: Metaphors Be With You July 25, 2008

When you go to the beach, lake, or pool, are you more likely to lower yourself gradually into cold water or to take a determined plunge and get it over with? It depends, sometimes I take it slow, others times I dive right in.
How is this like (or unlike) your approach to other tasks or ordeals? Again, it depends on the situation but usually I take it slow.
When someone gives you flowers, are you more likely to let them turn completely brown and gross before throwing them out, or to discard them the moment they take on that sick-flower look? I usually throw them away when they get too sick looking.
How is this like (or unlike) your approach to other gifts, purchases, or relationships? My last relationship had turned brown, grown mold and started to smell really bad! And I keep gifts and purchases far too long - I hate getting rid of anything!
Think of your favorite movie (or a movie you really like, if you can’t think of a favorite). Some people say that the reasons you love your favorite movie are related to what you value in romantic relationships. How is this true or untrue in your case? My all-time favorite movie is Tarzan (the animated version). The reasons I love this movie are 1.) the underlying message of acceptance of anyone regardless of their circumstances or looks and 2.) the great music. And I supposed both of those are important in a relationship.

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Shannon H. said...

I remember Tarzan! Good one.