Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

Ten on Tuesday July 29, 2008
10 Things to Do When It’s Too Hot to Go Outside

  1. Read a book
  2. Take a nap
  3. Watch TV
  4. Rent a DVD
  5. Go shopping
  6. Have a cold drink
  7. Take a cool shower
  8. Eat a popsicle
  9. Go for a Slurpee
  10. Jump in a pool


Dawn said...

A Slurpee sounds so good right about now. Great list! :-) Have a nice day!

lovesmukiwa said...

I am all for jumping in a pool. I wish we had an outdoor pool.

Joyce said...

All of your suggestions sound marvelous. :)

Teena in Toronto said...

Gimme a popsicle!

I played too :)