Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Morning Meme

Monday Morning Meme!! July 28th
1. What is your blogging style?
Stir it up
Can we talk?
Observing the scene
Stuff you want to know
Why is that? Tell us why you think your blogging style falls into one of the above categories. Are you okay with this style? If you could change your blogging style, what would you change it to? I guess it would fall into the "Can we talk?" category. I love to fill out memes, post pictures of my family and my crafts. There isn't anything world changing going on but it makes me happy.
2. Have you ever read a book because Oprah suggested it? If so, what was the title and was it what you expected? If not, why not? I have read a couple of Oprah's book but they are usually really depressing books. I get a lot of great books out of People magazine.
3. Who do you turn to if your techie things die? Why this person? Are you very good at fixing techie things? Tell us your most successful, or most terrible, experience at fixing something techie. If something techie dies I give it to Dave to give to his computer guy at work. Years ago I had a Gateway computer that the hard drive died five years in a row during the Thanksgiving holidays. The hard drive was covered under warranty but not the labor so I have replaced a hard drive on the same computer four times.
4. July is nearly over, any final words? (Sum up your month for us - the good and the bad). It went by so fast - Bailey turned one, my ex is having some problems, we went to see Micheal Bolton, the boys are happy, Nicole is without a vehicle. It's been another interesting month around here.

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Dawn said...

I had a Gateway computer several years ago that had all kinds of problems. I hope they have made them better since we have owned them. :-)