Friday, July 25, 2008

Four on Friday

Four For Friday July 25, 2008
Q1 - Popcorn and Candy: According to the author of "Why Popcorn Costs So Much at the Movies, And Other Pricing Puzzles" (University of California-Irvine Professor Richard McKenzie), buying your movie candy at a local drugstore or Costco can save you as much as 86% from what the theater charges on a price per ounce basis. When you go to the movies, what type of candy and refreshments do you usually buy, or do smuggle yours into the theatre?
I usually smuggle in candy and purchase a drink.
Q2 - Then & Now: A recent special issue of People magazine focusing on child actors from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s, profiled more than 100 former showbiz kids with an emphasis on where they are in their lives today. Are there any child actors you would like an update on? If so, which one(s)?
I was just thinking about something like this the other day. David Cassidy's wife is an Arbonne rep (like me) and I was reading about her and her business and thought about my teen idol, Shaun Cassidy, David's brother. I haven't heard anything about his in years.
Q3 - Pollution: Recent reports indicate that as much as 46,000 pieces of floating plastic can be found per square mile of ocean. If you were enjoying time at the beach by wading in the water, and you noticed garbage floating nearby, would you collect it and throw it away once you were back on shore?
No, but I probably should.
Q4 - Right Now: What is your most pressing concern right now?
My daughter's and her car - her dumb-a** boyfriend wrecked it and the insurance deductable is $1000.00.

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