Friday, July 18, 2008

Know and Tell Friday

Know and Tell Friday: Extreme Randomness Edition! July 18, 2008

1. Why were you given your particular name? My given name is Patty Christine. It was such a pain in school to be called by your middle name that I had my name legally changed when I was 19 to Christine. I dropped the Patty, which really ticked my Mom off since her name is Patty. I am not sure where Christine came from.
2. What's your favorite song of the moment? Put a Girl In It by Brooks N Dunn.
3. What are you wearing today which is most reflective of who you are? Hmm, I guess my elastic waist pants reflects that I try to be comfortable.
4. Have you ever had a pet that was not a cat or dog? What was it? When the kids were little we had a couple of gerbils.
5. What type of exercise do you do to keep in shape? I go to Curves. I try to go at least three times a week but I have been slacking off for the past two weeks. I should go today!
6. What is your favorite movie of all time? Tarzan, I love the message it sends and the music is great!
7. Do you enjoy gardening, or working with flowers? Not unless they are delivered by a florist!


Heather & Reese said...

I loved you answers! Tarzan was my sons favorite movie when he was about 3, I loved watching it with him over, and over!

Thanks for joining in every week! It's been fun reading all of your answers and getting to know you.


Jodi said...

Great answers!!