Monday, July 21, 2008

Monday Morning Meme

Monday Morning Meme!! July 21st Questions:
1. Have you ever played hooky (from school or work)? Sure If so, what excuse did you use to get out of school/work? Usually that I was sick or one of the kids were sick. What did you do instead of going to school/work? How often do you play hooky? I work from home so it doesn't take much to make me play hooky. A good book, a television program, a visitor or a phone call can make me forget I have work to do. Of course, I am always upset with myself when I get back to work and don't have as much done as I would have liked. If you’ve never played hooky, why not? What one thing HAS to happen before you would consider playing hooky (again)? Not much Has your significant other every played hooky? Not that I know of If so, tell us about it. If not, why not? He enjoys his job and has the freedom to do what he wants during the day. Has anyone you known ever gotten caught playing hooky? I am sure my two older kids have gotten caught.

2. I can’t tell you the number of posts I read from bloggers who were going to BlogHer about what sorts of clothes they were going to pack for the trip. If you went (or wanted to go) to BlogHer, describe the outfit you did, or would have, worn for the first day of the conference. Remember, first impressions are everything (most of the time) so you want to impress your blogging buddies. Don’t forget to describe your shoes/accessories! Better yet, link us to your outfit so we can “see” what you’re talking about. Why did you pick this particular ensemble? I had to go and check out BlogHer since I had never been. I don't dress to impress, I dress for comfort. I would probably wear a pair of nice black pants with a long, dressy top. Jewelry, makeup and nice pair of medium high sandles would complete my outfit.

3. If you could be guaranteed an honest answer to three questions, what questions would you ask, and who would you ask them of?
For my ex-husband - Do you have any idea how much your actions affect your children?
For an ex-friend - How do you profess to be so close to someone and make no effort to maintain the friendship?
For some bloggers - Why do you post such personal stuff on the internet?

4. If you could give a single piece of advice to the film industry in Hollywood, what would you say? I would tell film producers that a good movie can be made without so much profanity. If you were a powerful film producer, what sorts of films would you produce? Why? . If I were a film producer I would try to make better movies that are taken from books. I am usually disappointed with movies that are made from books.

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Jodi said...

Love your answers! I agree on the film industry one!