Saturday, May 10, 2008

Saturday Special

Saturday Special May 10, 2008
~Creative Adventure XIII~ Fill in the blanks~
1. Walking along a wooded side road, I see the cabin ahead. I approach the cabin and on the rocking chair by the door I spot a key that looks like it fits the door lock. I unlock and open the door slowly and with my heart beating fast I slowly look around the cabin?:
2. In the cabin by a window there is a window seat chest. Walking over to the chest, I slowly open it and find the body of a dead woman?:
3. I suddenly hear a noise coming from the outside, and quickly close the chest and as the person enters the cabin, he says "Did you find anything interesting? You know, that's just a blow up doll.":
4. Laughing I leave the cabin along with my head hung in shame and thinking to myself I watch too much CSI?:

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Dawn said...

You gave me a good laugh! Thank you!! :-)