Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Scrappin'

Sunday Scrappin' May 4, 2008

My ta da list this week is short again.
  1. I am in the middle of moving my scrapbook supplies upstairs. It has been quite the project but I think I am really going to like my room upstairs.
  2. Other than that I have worked on a couple of beady projects.
  3. I have signed up for two on-line classes. One is Jessica Sprague's Up and Running with Photoshop. The other class is from Big Picture Scrapbooking called 28 Days.
  4. I got all my supplies for the 28 Days class and I finished the Pre-Workshop Assignment.

My To Do list this week:

  1. Continue working on taking my scrapbook stuff upstairs.
  2. Really get into both on-line classes. The Photoshop class starts on Monday and the 28 Days class starts on Wednesday. I am really looking forward to these classes!

Did you go anywhere or make anything special yesterday for National Scrapbooking Day? No, just climbed my stairs a billion times taking scrapbook supplies up to my new craft room! Whew!


Chrissy said...

Those online classes sound interesting good luck and let us know how they go.


Sniz said...

I think working on organizing your new scrap room counts as doing something for NSD! I've always wanted to take an online class. I hope they go well!