Saturday, May 10, 2008

28 Days - Day 3

The photograph for Day 3 is of the refrigerator. We could either photograph the outside or the inside. I thought the outside was safer. You may notice my perpetual wipe off calendar on the side of the fridge is on July. I am either really early or really late!

The project for Day 3 of 28 Days was to make a card with paper we have been hoarding. Well, since I haven't done a scrapbook pages in ages I guess I am hoarding all of my paper. Anyway, I pulled out these two papers and made this card. Again, not bad for having my room in such an uproar.

Speaking of my scrapbook room, Dave finished putting up the shelves to put all our M & M memorabilia up. It will be nice to have all that stuff out of boxes and on display. I think it will be something bring and cheery to scrapbook or craft to. I will post pictures when I get all the stuff on the shelves. We still have to move the monster desk upstairs but it is getting done little by little.

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Sandra said...

Is the 28 days a challenge or a course? It sounds good.