Saturday, May 3, 2008

Smart Habit Saturday

Smart Habit Saturday May 3, 2008
I like to look at my list from the week prior to see how I am doing on my Smart Habits. Some weeks I do really well, others not so well. This week I did very well. Here was my list last week and how I did:
  1. Ebay - 25 items a week. Etsy-5 items a week. I have done my 5 items a day on eBay and have 25 items to list on Sunday. I will continue to add items over the weekend so I will surpassed my goal! I haven't listed anything on Etsy yet but I will do that today.
  2. Check out Curves or at least walk a couple of days per week. This has been on my list for three weeks. I went this week, joined and exercised five times. I am feeling so good and very proud of myself. I even encouraged my Mom to join Curves where she lives!
  3. Continue with the Figure 8 weight loss. I have taken my vitamins every day, drank my detox tea and started taking ground Flaxseed. I am down another pound this week so it is slow and steady for a total loss of seven pounds in three weeks!

This week's habits I want to start (or continue):

  1. Continue at Curves (minimum three days per week).
  2. Walk on the weekends
  3. Home Spa Treatment with Dave on Sunday
  4. Get back on the cleaning/laundry schedule.
  5. Work on my cards from the Sidetracked Home Exective book.
  6. Add the Deep Pore Cleaning Masque, Enzyme Peel and Facial Scrub to my daily skin care system. (as soon as the Enzyme Peel arrives)


Sherri said...

WOW!! Good for you - I have stuff list on Ebay too.... I think you have inspired me to set a goal for that!

Princess Momma said...

Good work! Keep at it.