Sunday, April 6, 2008

This Week in Review

This week was Spring Break for the boys. They stayed at their dad's most of the week but I got to see both of them a couple of times. Brent came over and stayed Friday night and all day Saturday. They come back tomorrow after school but just for a few days. I leave for Atlanta on Wednesday so they will only be here two nights.

My mom came to visit this week. We had a really enjoyable week. She is so thoughtful and helpful. Bailey loves her and my mom enjoys feeding her and spending time with her. The animals love her as well. She was spoiling them by putting ice in their water which Buddy promptly took out of the water and put under the dining room table.

We hit all the craft stores, shopped at K-Mart and Beall's, had lunch out a couple of times and had a couple of McDonald's caramel sundaes! My sister and Jenna come by one evening to spend some time with my mom too. I miss her already and she just left yesterday. I will see her again on Wednesday morning since she and my dad are watching Bailey while I am in Altanta.

Dave, Brent and I also went to Beall's. We got Dave some badly needed dress slacks and Brent a couple pair of plaid shorts and a pair of khaki shorts. I looked at baby clothes but held back.

Dave has had a really busy week. One of his drivers was involved in a bad accident in Maryland. It totaled the truck and trailer but the driver was released from the hospital.

Monday Bailey has an appointment with the Pediatric Orthopedic Specialist in Ft Myers. Her pediatrician found she had a loose hip so we are going to see what is going on with that.

I leave for Atlanta on Wednesday so I am going to finish packing for that today. I sent most of Bailey's stuff with my mom. I also have some straightening up to do before I leave. I don't like to leave a mess to come home to.

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