Monday, April 7, 2008

Manic Monday

Manic Monday for April 7, 2008

Is there any question you can't look up the answer to on the internet? I am sure there are many questions that I can't look up on the internet. Of course, you can always find answers but they might not be the answers you were looking for.

Invent a new word that you feel would improve the language and define it. I don't know if this word will improve the language but I use it quite frequently - fugly. It's a cross between f***ing and ugly and sounds much better in front of your children. It described quite a bit of the clothing in the stores right now.

What is your favorite texture? I love the feel of suede. I have a microfiber couch and it has a cool texture.

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Gabriel said...

I've seen 'fugly' being used in more than one blog. I think there's even one blog that is fully dedicated to 'fugly people'.

I wouldn't be too surprised if it appears in the Oxford Dictionary soon...

Happy Manic Monday!

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