Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

My tackle this week was my bathrooms. I have gotten so far behind in my cleaning, it is not even funny! So, I cleaned all three of my bathrooms. The master bathroom was full of Bailey's clothes, so I went through, match them up and put them in her dresser. The guest bathroom was disgusting. This is the bathroom that my children use. I won't even tell you the stuff I found in there. I took all their cosmetics, perfumes, cologne, face wash, etc and dumped it in a box and put the box in the linen closet. I also consolidated about 20 half full bottles of shampoo and conditioner into two pump dispensors. And the downstairs half bath is one I keep fairly tidy since it is used by visitors. But, they are all sparkling clean and I can plan on the repainting in the kid's bathroom after I get back from Atlanta. Happy Tuesday!


The Pitter Patter Boutique said...

Great tackle. I hate cleaning bathrooms. So much so that I told the hubby before we got married, "I don't do bathrooms!" I'll take care of everything else and you handle the bathrooms. He complains every now and then and I just tell him "It was in the marriage agreement" ;-)
Men and bathrooms...disgusting!

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Tanya said...

Way to go! I've got to tackle my kids bathroom. 3 boys=messy, GROSS bathroom=poor daughter won't even go in there, ugh!
Have a fun trip in Atl...we're heading south for spring break! We'll be around St. Mary's and a day at Cumberland...woohoo!