Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Ten on Tuesday

10 Things You Love About Your Life
April 22nd, 2008
Sometimes we’re so busy moaning and groaning about the stresses in our lives, wishing for things we can’t have or the life we should have had that we forget to appreciate how lucky we are to be alive. So what makes your life wonderful?

  1. My granddaughter Bailey.
  2. My three kids.
  3. My best friend and soul mate Dave.
  4. My family. I am blessed to have a wonderful relationship with my mom and dad.
  5. My friends. I am also blessed to have a few great friends.
  6. My animals. We have two dogs and three cats and they make me feel loved all day long.
  7. My home. I love my house, I love decorating and keeping my house clean. I love the chaos when all the kids are here. But mostly I love the love I feel in my home.
  8. My freedom. And there are different kinds of freedom. Freedom from a full time, Mon-Fri kind of job, freedom from a toxic relationship, freedom of our country.
  9. My crafts. Over the years my crafts have been my therapist. They have kept me sane and now I love being able to relax and enjoy the creativity of them.
  10. This one seems kind of silly but I love my TV and DVR. I love knowing that at any time day or night I can find something I really want to watch.


Lazy Daisy said...

Awww....loved your list (especially the grand baby...I love that too!) I could easily ditto your list.

Melli said...

Well, ya HAD me right up until #10! ROFL! (don't mind me ... everyone who knows me knows I HATE television!) I totally AGREE with your other nine!!! :)

Simply Shannon said...

Beautiful baby! Great post!

Happy Tuesday.

Leslie said...

Great list and the baby is gorgeous!!!