Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme
Tackle It Tuesday #99! April 15, 2008

My tackle this week is to put all the junk away that is upstairs hanging out. The boys bedroom is not too bad, there is clean laundry on the floor which they are going to hang up when they get home from school. The landing is covered in bags of clothes that I am eventually going to sell on eBay. For now these need to go to the storage unit and I will send Brandon there when he leaves for work this afternoon. There is also the box of stuff from the guest bathroom that I need to list on eBay since I redecorated in there. Nicole's former bedroom has about six boxes of stuff that I found when I cleaned out her bedroom that belonged to me. This stuff needs to be gone through and put away. The master bedroom is a jumbled mess. My half emptied suitcase from Atlanta, the shoes I cleaned out of the closet to sell on eBay, more bags of clothes, a bag of purses, clean clothes that need to be hung up, empty hangers. Just a bunch of stuff that needs to be cleaned up. So, as soon as Brent leaves for school in about 15 minutes I am heading upstairs. Wish me luck, I may not return till late this afternoon.


SmartyPantsMama - Caroline said...

You've inspired me with eBay. I haven't thought to sell used clothing. I have tons!! I think I may have found me next tackle!

Jenny said...

That happens with our bedrooms too. They're all on the second floor where nobody goes, so we tend to leave things laying around. I like the idea of selling the clothes on ebay too, it sounds a lot easier than pricing them individually on a garage sale.

Have a great day!

Karen said...

I need to learn how to use ebay again. I used to but it has been a long time. I have some Harley Davidson stuff to sell.

Mama Russell said...

I also have some stuff for ebay or freecycle. Thanks for reminding me! Great tackles.

Amydeanne said...

don't get lost!!!

The Apron Queen said...

I love e-Bay! Isn't it wonderful?! :D

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Karen (Pediascribe) said...

Amazing how that stuff accumulates, isn't it?

I keep saving for ebay or craigslist, but now I've decided to invite family down. Anything they want, they can have. Then I'll invite the neighbors and they can have a go at it.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you are just in a pick up party over there! Sometimes that is all my tackle is also because there will be stuff EVERYWHERE, especially after a trip.

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Hopefully we'll see you next week.