Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Friday from Atlanta, GA

I am in my hotel room in downtown Atlanta having to pay to get online but after two whole days with no internet access I had to break down and get on line. The weather has been great and the conference has been enjoyable. I am at the Arbonne NTC convention and although I have decided not to pursue this as a full time thing I have enjoyed the speakers so far. The new product launch was last night and they have a whole new line of detox products that I am excited to get.

We walked through Centenial Park and took pictures of the beautiful flowers in bloom. We are staying at the Westin, which a round hotel. There are still lots of windows that need to be replaced since the tornado last month. Other than the windows and the scaffolding around some of the buildings you can hardly tell there was a tornado here.

Today is Nicole's 20th birthday. I think it is the first birthday I haven't spent with her. She is having a party at her dad's so I am sure she will be having 20 year old fun and not old mom fun today. I am missing everyone - especially Bailey Boo! Can't wait to get home on Sunday.

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