Saturday, April 26, 2008

Smart Habit Saturday

Smart Habit Saturday April 26, 2008
Again this week I looked back on last week's list for Smart Habit Saturday. I can honestly stay I am working on this but not doing as well as I would have liked. This is last week's list:
  1. Continue on my Figure 8 weight loss program. I am doing ok on this one, I lost 5 pounds last week but with my mom here this week it has been harder to watch. I am still taking my vitamins and watching.
  2. Join Curves? Again no excuses not to but who knows? ARGH!!! I still haven't gone to Curves. I really want to start having more energy and less aches and pains so really should go!
  3. eBay and Etsy. Got to get going on those. I made a small dent in this. I wanted to be listing 25 items per week but only got 10 done this week but that is better than none. I got nothing put on Etsy.
  4. Continue on the weekly cleaning and laundry schedule. My mom is visiting this week so I will be spending more time with her so if everything is neat and tidy it will be more enjoyable. The weekly cleaning and laundry schedule is going great.
  5. Do something fun - Scrapbooking would be great! I have done some beading this week but no scrapbooking.

So, my new (or continuing) habits for this week:

  1. Ebay - 25 items a week. Etsy-5 items a week.
  2. Check out Curves or at least walk a couple of days per week.
  3. Continue with the Figure 8 weight loss.

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