Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Scrappin'

Sunday Scrappin': April 20th

This week I was really working hard on getting my house cleaned so my ta da list is basically organizing and straightening. Some of this is actually from my to do list last week!
  1. I got all my bead stuff in the living room organized and put away!
  2. I finished a orange beaded necklace and bracelet set and a beaded gold bracelet.
  3. I unpacked my Close to My Heart order.

My to do list this week looks a lot like last week:

  1. Continue working on my 2003 page planning and possibly get some pages scrapped. And yes, this one has been on my list the last two weeks.
  2. I need to get the scrapbook stuff laying around the family room organized and put away. My mom comes on Wednesday and she needs a place to sleep!
  3. I have decided that I am going to move the scrapbook stuff and the big desk upstairs in the empty bedroom. I probably won't get too much done with my mom being here but I will try.
  4. Continue working on beading projects and actually finishing them!

This week's bonus question: Where is your favorite place to get craft supplies? I have lots of place I like to get crafts supplies. Locally we have a Michael's, a Joanne's and an A.C. Moore. My fav of those three is A.C. Moore. I also order quite a bit from Close to My Heart (I am a consultant), they have the best cardstock! For beads, there is a local bead store that I frequent Bonita Bead, and I like to order on-line at Fusion Beads and Art Beads. They both offer free shipping!


Earthmommy said...

Hats off to you for getting organizing done! I'm working on trying to declutter our bedroom closet and what a mess it is. Part of me would really like to pitch it all and have a nice empty close, lol but I guess that wouldn't work.

Chrissy said...

Big congrats on getting organized. Have a great week!

Amy said...

Free shipping is always a big plus when shopping online!

Christi said...

Congrats on your organizing! :) Good luck on your goals this week!