Saturday, April 19, 2008

Martina McBride

Sometimes a last minute decision is a good one. Dave and I went back and forth about going to the Martina McBride concert last night. We finally decided to go and Dave bought the tickets at 5:45 p.m. and the concert started at 7:30 p.m. We got really great seats, section 102 second row. What a great time! Jack Ingram and Little Big Town were the openers and they were both great. Martina is a tiny lady with a huge voice. Wow!

Now, that being said that the concert was great I do have a couple of gripes. First, regarding Ticketmaster. If we had purchased tickets there it would have cost us a $12 per ticket convenience fee! Can you say rip-off? Then you get to the arena and have to pay $10 to park! Can you say rip-off again? Then we get to the door and they are checking purses and I can't take my camera in! Now, I have a very nice Nikon D40X with a 200 mm lense but still no "professional" cameras were allowed. Fortunately I had my Fuji F470 and we sat so close I was able to get decent pictures. And, my fourth and final gripe. Why do they try to pack people into these events like sardines? While our seats were good for viewing, the seats themselves were small and neither Dave nor I are small. Then there was only one way out of our row and we had to go by 10-12 people to get out of our row. Needless to say we stay put unless absolutely necessary. Ok, I thought that was my final gripe but I thought of another one. Why do people come to a concert and get shit-faced? I am all for having a good time but how much fun is it to be escorted out of concert for being drunk? We watched two groups of people escorted out of the arena from where we sat. Sad!

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