Monday, April 21, 2008

Bailey Boo Update

The day Nicole and Bailey left to move to Nicole's dads house was a sad day for me. But it is surprising how well the transition has gone. Even though I miss Bailey I know this is better for everyone. I am no longer enabling Nicole to behave the way she did here and she and I have talked more since she moved out than we had in months. And as you can see by the pictures, Bailey is visiting her Grandma and Papa and we are enjoying our time together. The first picture is Boo in her big girl car seat. This was the Sunday I arrived home from Atlanta. Dave, Boo and I went to Olive Garden for dinner and she was quite a hit. The second picture is from Sunday morning before we left for Hollywood. Boo was watching Teletubbies (sitting up all on her own) and playing with her tub full of toys. She got her third tooth, one on top and is pulling herself to a sitting position on her own. What a cutie patootie! And don't you love those eyelashes??

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