Thursday, September 4, 2008

Booking Through Thursday

Peer Pressure September 4, 2008

I was looking through books yesterday at the shops and saw all the Twilight books, which I know basically nothing about. What I do know is that I’m beginning to feel like I’m the *only* person who knows nothing about them.
Despite being almost broke and trying to save money, I almost bought the expensive book (Australian book prices are often completely nutty) just because I felt the need to be ‘up’ on what everyone else was reading.
Have you ever felt pressured to read something because ‘everyone else’ was reading it? Have you ever given in and read the book(s) in question or do you resist? If you are a reviewer, etc, do you feel it’s your duty to keep up on current trends?

So, I am not the only one not reading the Twilight books? I usually pick books based on authors I am familiar with or reviews that I have read. I don't usually read something because everyone else is, it has to appeal to me. Although I did join an online book club and have read some books that I would never have choosen myself and really enjoyed them.


Smilingsal said...

The reason we read is to have FUN!

Tampa said...

HEY. I just made a new Tampa Area Blog! check it out :)