Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Type+Writer Digital Class/Bowling Update

I am enjoying the Type+Writer class at Jessica Sprague. I have wanted to start a journal and the writing in this class will help me get started. I have decided that I am going to sign up for the third in her series of digital scrapbook classes.

Brandon and I decided that we would join a bowling league. We joined a mixed league on Tuesday nights and found out we would have to find two more team members. So, we got Dave to join and Dave got our neighbor, Joe, to join. Now, Joe and Brandon are excellent bowlers. Both of them have many games over 200. I, on the other hand, am a horrible bowler. Or so I thought. The first week I only had one game over 100. This past week I had a 154 game and both my other games were over 100. I am very happy with my improving score and am really looking forward to seeing if I can continue to improve. Brent wants to join the youth league on Saturday. I will go and bowl a few games while he is at league. The only thing bad about bowling on Tuesday night is we miss House! I guess that's why I have a DVR.

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Thought I'd make your day and follow you. Hope you will return the favor. I just got a blog makeover so I hope you can stop by. Have a great day