Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Tackle It Tuesday March 25, 2008

My tackle this week was my van. We bought Bailey a new big girl car seat and I thought it was the perfect time to clean out the stuff in the van. I can't believe there was still stuff from our trip to Pennsylvania at Thanksgiving on the floor of the van. After I got all the junk out of the van, Dave took it to the car wash and got it vacuumed and cleaned. Looks good, huh?

Front Seat Before Picture:
Middle Seat Before Picture:
Front Seat After Picture:
Middle Seat After Picture:


Karen (Pediascribe) said...

My car SO needs this. I can't get out there in the winter to clean it up, so it waits until warm weather. I hope it's coming soon!!!
Great job on your tackle!!!

Rick Rack Attack said...

The best gift I ever got was a gift certificate to a car detailing center. It was AWESOME to drop off the car & come back to it looking practically brand new!

Stop by anytime. I'll get you a glass of iced tea & you can put your feet up.

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Heart of Wisdom said...

Looks really, really good. Don't let my car see yours...it will be so jealous.

Good Job!