Saturday, March 22, 2008

Smart Habit Saturday March 22, 2008

I have had a few things happen in my life this week that makes me rethink what is important in life. My 19 year old daughter has an eight month old daughter and they both live with us. My daughter is not taking care of her daughter (my grandbaby) the way I felt she should be so I have taken over the daily care of Bailey. Now, I am 45 and my youngest is 12 so it has been quite some years since I have taken care of an infant. Needless to say I am exhausted from hauling around a 20 pound baby and being awaken 5-6 times per night. That being said, spending time with Bailey and helping her grow and become strong and independent is time well spent and I couldn't be happier doing it for my granddaughter. But, it makes me stop and think about our daily habits and if we should put more thought into our people habits instead of our stuff habits? Spend more time with our kids, our family? Anyway, that is my Smart Habit for this week and upcoming weeks. Help Bailey thrive. And my Dad turns 70 today and the whole family is getting together tomorrow for a birthday/Easter celebration. We haven't all been together in over four years so it will be a nice treat for everyone especially my Dad. So another habit for this week and upcoming weeks - spend quality time with loved ones.


Marsha said...

Happy birthday to your dad. He picked a terrific day to be born as this is also my birthday! I'm a little ways behind him though.

I will also celebrate tomorrow as one of my five granddaughters birthday is tomorrow as well. I'm making her a chocolate pie.

It sounds like your granddaughter is very fortunate to have you. I like your people habits! We all need to work harder at developing those!

Enjoy your celebration tomorrow!

Sylvia said...

That's great. I recently made that a habit. It's amazing the inner peace I've felt, as well as the joy. Time is precious. Good luck.