Saturday, March 29, 2008

Smart Habit Saturday March 29, 2008

This is my second full week of having Bailey full time and I am getting the hang of being a full time mom again. A couple of things I accomplished this week were:

  • Read Bailey a bedtime story each night.
  • I am another two boxes down on the scrapbook stuff. I now have three boxes left!
  • I have called my parents almost every day.

Some things I want to work on next week:

  • Drink more water.
  • Start taking Bailey out for a daily walk in her stroller.
  • Get back into a weekly cleaning schedule.

See what others are doing for Smart Habit Saturday.

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The Lazy Organizer said...

What a sweetie! I bet you're having fun with her but it's got to be a big change. Way to go on getting your scrapbooking organized. I'll think of you while I'm going through paperwork!