Friday, February 29, 2008

February 29, 2008 Friday

Friday Fill-Ins #61
1. I'm looking forward to World Market opening up next week.
2. I don't handle chaos very well.
3. Cereal is something I could eat every day.
4. Warmth and sunlight are essential to my well being.
5. Atlanta here I come!
6. I do not have nor will I ever have any tattoo(s).
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to spending time with Bailey, tomorrow my plans include nothing too exciting and Sunday, I want to relax and craft!

Feast One Hundred & Eighty OneFebruary 29th, 2008

Who was the last person you hugged? Dave about an hour ago when he left for work.

Share a beauty or grooming trick or tip with us. I love Arbonne's NutriMinC RE9 Anti Aging face and body treatment!

What does the color yellow make you think of? Warmth and sunshine, the secondary color in my living room.

Main Course
If you were to make your living as a photographer, what subject would your pictures revolve around? Kids!

What was the longest book you ever read? I read a ton of books but I don't know which one was the longest. Every once in a while a book with a small number of pages seems really long. I started a book called The Mission Song and it was so hard to read that I just stopped.


""rare*jonRez"" said...

i agree with ur salad. yellow is indeed a picture of warmth and sunshine!

come by mine if u got a chance! happy friday to u!

Janet said...

What's World Market?

Thanks for playing, have fun this weekend!