Monday, February 25, 2008

February 25, 2008

The more time that Wendy and I spend together the more things we find that we have in common. One of those things we found out this past visit was that we are both Crazy Cat Ladies. We both said we would have a houseful of cats if we could. She has two cats Max and Maya that are the coolest cats. I had two cats Oreo and Radio. Radio is a cool cat but Oreo is a bit of a b****! She nips and bites and generally does not socialize at all. But she was a gift from Dave early in our relationship so she stays. Now you will notice I said I "HAD" two cats. Thanks to Brandon we now have three cats. This picture is of our newest family addition, Foxy. Foxy is a stray that adopted Brandon. She is much bigger than our two other cats and she lets everyone know that she has decided to adopt us as a family. And get me closer to my label of "Crazy Cat Lady".

These three bottom pictures are of the living room. I am so happy with the way it turned out. For the past several months I have had the office in the back part of the living room (behind the couch) and it made it so crowded with all the baby equipment we had in the room. We moved the office and craft room out to the family room and although that room is not done at least when you walk into the living room it looks like a living room and not a nursery. And you can walk through it without running into a piece of furniture. We replaced a couch and loveseat with a double reclining couch so have less furniture in the room as well.

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