Friday, February 15, 2008

February 15, 2008

I worked on this set and finished the earrings yesterday. I think they turned out nice. I had purchased the seed beads in Tucson but I had everything else. The silver spacers are flowers as are the earring posts. Cool, huh?
I guess I missed the animals more than I thought. After the astronomical bill at the vet's I spent more money on them at Wal-mart yesterday. I got this cute mat for the new bowls. It looks good on the kitchen floor and everything is matchy matchy.
We had a nice relaxing Valentine's Day dinner. Dave made it home early enough to enjoy it. We have enough leftover scallops and shrimp to do a scampi with it tonight. Yum! The kids seemed to like their gifts, as well as Dave. I love Valentine's Day!