Sunday, November 23, 2008

Sunday Scrappin'

I wasn't sure I was going to get anything done this week for Sunday Scrappin'. With the new job, Dave's Mom passing away and my Mom being diagnosed with colon cancer I was sure I wouldn't get a thing done. But I took some time last night and worked on this:

This is an altered Crystal Light container (which I have many). I just covered it in snowflake paper, tied a ribbon around it and decorated the front and lid with some paper cut with my Nestabilities and a punched snowflake. Inside the container are 13 York peppermint patties decorated with the same snowflake decoration and two candy canes to fill in the empty space. I am making these for Brent's teachers. He has four teachers he wants to give gifts to it will be these and something else small. They are nothing fancy but fun to do.
This coming week I want to make some kind of Thanksgiving place card and/or favor. My guest list keeps growing - Brandon has invited both his girlfriend and his best friend. I also need to empty the boxes at the top of the stairs. They have been there quite a while and they need to disappear! I took Jessica Sprague's Stories in Hand class. My binder finally got here yesterday so I need to get all the pages cut and put in the binder. They are all printed out and ready.
The challenge for last week was to use a template. I did not use a template. This week's challenge is a unique one. Each of the participant's is to make a challenge for the next person. My challenge is to recycle - create something from a throw away item. Kind of like my Crystal Light container. I keep lots of different containers and stuff and would like to get some ideas on using them.
Happy Sunday! Day 23 of NaBloPoMo.


forgetfulone said...

Darling! I'm a teacher, and I would love to receive such a cute gift. Much better than a mug from a store or something of that nature. Your challenge is awesome, too.

Sorry to hear about Dave's mother.

krista said...

love your challenge! (glad to know i'm not the only one with empty containers in my pantry!!!!)

great job on your gift idea!

will post my sunday scrappin' later today!


Rebecca said...

What a great project and such a cute gift! For over a year I stored the little frappaccino (sp?) bottles & cardboard container with plans to alter it but never got around to it. I'd love to find something in my pantry or closet to turn into a great gift. Oh and if you run out of ideas for your crystal light containers you could alter them & use them for scrappy storage - buttons, loose ribbons, etc.

My condolences to your husband and sorry to hear about your mother's diagnosis.