Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Stuff

I can hardly believe how fast this week has flown by. I have gotten nothing done around the house this week. Yesterday I took Nicole to pay her traffic ticket and get her license. She had gotten a $220 ticket, couldn't afford to pay for it and then her license got suspended. Well, she can't get to work without a license so her dad stepped up and gave her the money to pay her ticket and get her license. We didn't have to wait too long either place so I did a good deed and got to spend time with my daugher and granddaughter.

My interview went well last night. They said they would be making a decision by Friday. The job would start Monday.

Please keep both my Mom and Dave in your prayers. Dave left last night for Michigan. His mom is not doing well and she has really been wanting to see him. She was given two weeks to live a month ago so she is really on borrowed time. Her passing will be very hard on Dave as he talks to his mom nearly every day.

My Mom is going in this moring for a colonoscopy. She has been having stomach problems for a few months now and it was getting too bad to deal with at home. There is a history of stomach problems in her family so hopefully it will be something she can control with diet.

Day 13 of NaBloPoMo.


Shannon H. said...

WOW!!! A $220 ticket!

I am glad your interview went well...I will continue to keep my fingers crossed for you. I have added your Mom and Dave to my prayer list.

georgie said...

sorry to hear the news about the parents...we will keep them in our thoughts and prayers