Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Scrappin' and Blog Posts

I ran across this site and thought it might be a good idea to try to blog 30 posts in 30 days during the month of November. It may make me stop and think about what is going on around me and actually sit down and write something. I was lucky that I did a blog post yesterday so I am 2 for 2! Yeah!

My mom is coming to vist and I am looking forward to her visit. Things have been extremely stressful the last few weeks at the house and I need something to take my mind off things. My mom will help with that. We are planning to do some thrift store shopping, some Christmas shopping, some stamping (finishing up her Christmas cards and hopefully working on mine), some eBay stuff, and two birthday celebrations while she is here. Today my sister is supposed to come over and we are going to celebrate my mom's birthday. Now, her birthday is actually in August but we never got around to celebrating it. I wanted to do it the same time we had Bailey's party but that got vetoed. Everyone thought Bailey should have her own 1st birthday party and not share. So, Mom had to wait.

Sunday Scrappin' #51

I didn't got a whole lot accomplished this week. My ta-da's includes this page and the three below. I guess four pages is better than none.

This last page is the title page for my Book of Me. I got over 50 digital scrapbook pages printed and they all look really good. I am excited to put them in my albums.
My to-do's this week include:
  1. Empty boxes (yes, this is from last week and the week before. I just haven't finished emptying them!)
  2. Finish my mom's Christmas cards
  3. Decide on a design and work on my Christmas cards
  4. Do some scrapbooking

And next week's challenge: use a sketch found online to complete a layout or a card. This shouldn't be too hard since I used sketches a lot, both in paper and digital scrapbooking.

Have a great week!


ChrissyM said...

Gorgeous layouts!! Seems like you got a busy week ahead of you. Have a great week!

Wani said...

great pages as usual!!

forgetfulone said...

I'm going to scraplift the page with the big circle! I love it! (That just means I'm going to borrow your idea.)

Four pages is great! And I always love your work. Enjoy your visit and good luck with NaBloPoMo. I'm going for it, too.

krista said...

love that last page especially! love the green frame! great job!!!

Sniz said...

Is all your scrapping digital? Those are beautiful pages! Four pages is great, girl! Have a GREAT visit with your mom!!!!

Melanie said...

4 in a whole lot more than I got done Christine. Your pages look wonderful, well done.

I hope you have a wonderful visit wiht your mum, happy card making Christine.