Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween is for Kids

Even when those kids are 20 or 6' 2". This first picture is Brandon (as Obama), Nicole and Zak (as McCain). The boys made quite an impression while going around the neighborhood. Nicole was going to be a sexy cat but decided that our family neighborhood was not the place for that kind of costume so she wore her Snoopy Halloween t-shirt.
My crazy little boy was a young Bob Marley. His wig was quite the hit.

And is Bailey not the cutest bear you have ever seen? Papa took her and Brent trick or treating and she had a blast. She jabbered the whole time they were out and when the got home she jabbered to me all through her bath and right up to the time she went to bed.
Here is a blast from the past. I remember one Halloween we went trick or treating with the kids. Brent was probably about four and he got up the morning after Halloween and wanted to know if we could go trick or treating about that night. How funny!
I hope everyone had a safe and Happy Halloween. Now the countdown is on for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

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