Thursday, August 28, 2008

Got Sketch 102 Layouts

I am taking the Got Sketch 102 class. You can find out more about the class here. I took the Got Sketch 101 class but didn't do the layouts as they were taught to us. I did them about a month after the class was over. This time I have decided that I would attempt to keep up with the class. This first layout is from the class and was the pre-class challenge.And this is the companion page.
I thought I was all done with my 2003 pictures but I found these rock climbing pictures and some pictures of the kids during Thanksgiving when they were with their dad. I have scrapbooked all those pictures and now I am looking for a picture for the title page of my 2003 albums and I will be done.

I am also waiting for another album and page protectors from JoAnnes. They have already shipped them so they should be here shortly. I will then be complete with 2003 and 2005! I have sorted through all my 2004 pictures and don't have too much more to do on them. Off to scrapbook!

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