Sunday, December 7, 2008

Sunday Scrappin'

Sunday Scrappin' 12/7/08

My ta-da list is very short this week, but I did manage to accomplish two digital layouts. I took a class at Big Picture Scrapbooking called Journey to Perpetual Happiness. I didn't get time during the class to do the assignments so am trying to work on them now. They are based on a great book I read a few months ago Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting by Lynn Grabhorn. It is a book about making choices for happiness and satisfaction in life. The first assignment was to create a plaque with the quote on it. I didn't want to make a plaque so I just did a 12"x12" scrapbook page with it on.

The second assignment was to create a list for the prompt of "I am somewho who..." This is the layout I made of a few of the things on my list.

I am not sure what I will get done this week craft wise. I will be lucky to get my Christmas tree decorated.
Happy Sunday!


forgetfulone said...

I feel the same way... I'll be lucky to get a tree up and decorated this week! I didn't get much done this week because of my step-daughter's 16th birthday, but it was fun.

Your layout is beautiful!

ChrissyM said...

Beautiful layout. I understand what you mean. The days are flying by and I don't feel like I'm getting much accomplished!

krista said...

love the layout! i love the simple blue colors. very peaceful!

Rebecca said...

Love the quote! Your pages turned out really nice. Hope you're able to get everything done that you want to.

Melanie said...

I love that quote you used on the layout, it is something to always remember.

The journalling on the second page is wonderful Christine.

I hope you have a good week and get that tree up, we did ours on Sunday.