Thursday, January 10, 2008

January 10, 2008

Ok, this picture may seem a bit weird. It is a dog toy that Baby (our teacup Yorkie) has made bald. She has had this toy for about a year and has bitten off all the fur on the back of the head. She takes this "baby" up and down the stairs and sleeps with it. It is almost as big as she is. Now, the reason for the picture is what I found under the dining room table...
the stuffing to "baby". Seems our Baby has killed her "baby" and it looks like it has snowed under our dining room table. Now, to clean up her mess. At least with a small dog it is usually a small mess!
Now on the top of the dining room table. I think many scrapbookers would sympathize with me regarding a good way to be organized. I am so tired of trying ideas and them not working. For my embellishments I am working on this new idea - frosted photo boxes from Oriental Traders. I finally finished rolling four photo boxes full of ribbon and have put my buttons, eyelets, brads, and other small embellishments in these boxes. I also have a box for adhesive and have a number of other categories that I intent to create.
The other big problem is paper storage. Right now I have my Close to My Heart paper and cardstock on a metal storage rack that is taking up entirely too much room. I also have paper and stickers in 13x13" frosted boxes but the horizontal thing is not working. It is too hard to get to the paper and the stickers are mixed up in a box. I am a messy scrapper and after a few days of scrapbooking my area is full of boxes. So I am going to try the same general idea vertically. I got some more of these frosted paper holders from Oriental Traders and first, I am going to to sort my cardstock. After that task is done I will work on my patterned paper. Then I am going to take down my paper rack and reformat it to make squares that I can put all my frosted organizers on! I am also planning to get rid of my big table in my craft area and replace it with a desk my Mom is giving me. Nobody sits at the table except me and I can put my square metal shelving and the new desk in the same amount of space the table takes up. Dave will be so happy to hear I am reorganizing once again! NOT!

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