Sunday, June 7, 2009

Something to Brag About!

I am thrilled to be chosen as co-host at Sunday Scrappin'! It's been a long time since something made me smile as big as being chosen did. I have been a loyal weekly contributor and am honored to have been chosen to co-host. I can't wait to come up with some challenges and get to work.

On another note, my plan today was to clean. I had another stomach/back ache attack last night and was up for two hours. I took three baths, the hot water running down my back seems to help, I had the heating pad out, I woke Dave to rub my back and I got sick. And since I was up so long I didn't get up until almost 9 this morning. Dave wanted to do something together so I suggested Goodwill. It's not enough that I work in a thrift store, I have to shop them on my day off. We went to Ft Myers and stopped at the GW on Daniels, stopped for a late breakfast at Mimi's Cafe, stopped at my fav Goodwill in South Ft Myers. We would have stopped at Salvation Army but they are closed on Sunday (good for them!) so I asked Dave if we could stop in Bonita. Come to find out the little store in the strip mall is a Clearance Center and everything is half price and they opened up a great big new Goodwill in an old department store. Awesome! I had a great day and it was fun to spend it with Dave and Bailey. I will post my finds later this week. So, I guess my cleaning will have to wait until tomorrow.

Off to post my junk to eBay!

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forgetfulone said...

Congratulations! It's great to have you co-host my favorite meme, even though I don't get to particpate every week, I do as much as I can.