Tuesday, June 9, 2009

40 Days of Joy - Day 9

We are on Day 9 of 40 Days of Joy. Please join us here and be inspired.

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{daily challenge & journaling prompt}

Journaling prompt:
How to choose JOY....


How to Choose Joy
By Brenda Strausz May

Look for the good in everyone and everything.
Have a constant awareness of all you have to be grateful for.
Love and accept yourself exactly the way you are.
Be a love-finder not a fault finder.
Stop self-defeating thoughts.
Pat yourself on the back.
Take exquisite care of yourself.
Love with your whole heart.
Laugh with abandon.
Play with abandon.
Give lots of hugs.
Do random acts of kindness
Live simply!
Live generously.
Make someone smile.
Dress colorfully.
Hug a tree.
Smile at Strangers.
Pet dogs on the street (better ask first).
Feed the birds.
Write yourself a love letter.
Write your significant other a love letter.
Write each of your children a love letter.
Pay an unexpected compliment.
Make everyday a masterpiece.

Life is not a race to the end
its about the journey getting there....
So how can you make a JOY|full difference everyday
Make a list of 25 joyful changes or actions
Then do a 1 one page layout about your list.

This layout took a little longer than most since I had to make the list. Here is my list

25 Joyful Changes or Actions

Smile and say hello
Do a random act of kindness
Get dressed for the day no matter what you are doing
Hug your kids (no matter how big they are)
Kiss your spouse
Stop and enjoy the flowers
Praise the Lord
Enjoy the sunshine
Welcome the rain
Get down and play with your children (or grandchildren)
Have a conversation
Have a sit down dinner
Call your mother
Pray for a friend and a stranger
Be grateful for what you have
Take a walk
Enjoy the moment
Take a bubble bath
Hold hands
Cuddle with your pets
Listen to your favorite music
Write a letter
Look at old photos
Do a craft
Love yourself

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