Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Scrappin'

Sunday Scrappin' February 22, 2009

My ta-da's this week are all digital. I completed 10 pages this week and they are in the form of a slide show:


My to-do's this week is a long list:

  1. We purchased two bookshelves and Dave is putting them together. I want to put all my books on my new bookshelves. I have boxes of books in the alcove outside my craft room and they are in my way into the craft room.
  2. I need to clean up all the boxes (the non book boxes) in the alcove so we can use the area as a sitting room and the boys can watch tv and play video games.
  3. After the alcove is cleaned up I need to straighten up my craft room. I have a beautiful craft area and I have been looking on line at some great rooms and thought I would like to take pictures of my craft room and post them once it is neat.
  4. I really need to get caught up on My 365 project. I am behind in my photos and way behind in my posting so hopefully this week I will get somewhere with that.
  5. I want to spend a bit of time each evening tagging my digital supplies.
  6. I plan on taking two on line scrapbook classes and want to keep up with them and make some "real" scrapbook pages.
Last week's challenge was to think outside the box and go round.... rounded corners, circle-shaped cards, a layout in a circular pattern, etc. Be creative! The closest I came to something round this week were my flowers or the wavy pattern on my hockey pages. This week's challenge duplicate! Use the same colors/ decorative elements twice, but slightly changed... in a two-page layout, or in two cards, or in two of whatever else you're making. That shouldn't be too hard since I tend to do two page layouts.

Happy Sunday!


♥georgie♥ said...

You are so talented! That is some to-do list!

Christine said...

LOVE your pages, I especially like the Thanksgiving layout. You're digital layouts always come out so cute! Good luck with your TO-DO list this week!

Lizzie said...

Oh no! The slideshow is broken. :(

Rebecca said...

I can't view the slide show but I'm sure your pages are great as they always are. =] Good luck on your to do list this week and getting things organized. Can't wait to see what your craft room looks like!